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The Kingdom of Thailand (in Thai: ราชอาณาจักรไทย / Ratcha A-na-chakra Thai /; or: ประเทศไทย / Prathet Thai / Thai land;) is a Member of the South-East Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south with Laos and Cambodia to the east and the sea of the Andaman and Myanmar (formerly Burma) to the west.

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In fact we have never forgotten the charm of this country and the friendliness of its people.
While maintaining our operations in Italy with the help of family, we have found and created the conditions for changing our lives.

Buddhist Temple in Krabi area, Thailand In the ancient temples surrounded by tropical jungle and its charming and picturesque decorations you can incorporate fully the noble and majestic feeling dell'arco appeal of Siam.
Long Tail in Krabi sea area, Thailand The Andaman Islands and especially the closer to Ao Nang and Krabi are considered among the finest in the world.

In the deltas of many rivers, mangroves characterize the area between river and sea.

Thailand, Krabi area. The Sea Gypsy Village. The floating village of Sea Gypsy.

During the rainy season, the area becomes even more fascinating, allowing you to enjoy the full charm of the rainforest.

Krabi, Andaman islands, Ko Tab e Chicken island The strip of sand that connects the islands of
Ko Tab and chiken Island
Italian Restaurant in Krabi Thailand. The Frittomisto Restaurant
Ayuttaya Temple, Thailand The Temples of Aiuttaya, the ancient capital of Siam
Hotel Resort in Krabi Ao nang, Thailand Mamilu
Adriatica, e Velisti per Caso in Krabi hotel, Thailand. Hotel in Krabi per Velisti per Caso in Krabi hotel, Thailand. The preparations to the movie "sailors
by chance " (Velisti per caso) in
Krabi on  'Adriatica' with Siusy Blady and Cino Ricci
The good tigers of the Tiger Cave Temple in  Chanchanabury
Tsunami in Krabi Thailand The effects of the tsunami in Ao Nang

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