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Kazak Respublikasy

Қазақстан, Qazaqstan;

Казахстан, Kazakhstán

A Republic in central Asia formerly a part of the U.S.S.R.  is a country that stretches over a vast expanse of northern and central Eurasia.

Kazakhstan, also spelled Kazakstan (Qazaqstan,  Kazakhstán), officially the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ranked the ninth largest country in the world, it has a territory of 2.727.337 km²  greater than Western Europe. It is bordered by Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China. The country also borders on Caspian sea.


Area: 2,725,647 Km ²

Population: 16,731,000 (estimated 2001)

Density: 6 ab / Km ²

Form of government: Presidential Republic

Capital: Astana (280,000 inh.)

Other cities: Alma-Ata 1245000 ab., Karaganda 552000 ab., Ust-Kamenogorsk 230000 ab., Semipalatinsk 220000 ab., 150,000 ab Dzambul., Pavlodar 130,000 inhabitants.

Ethnic groups: Kazakhstan 40%, Russians 37%, German 6%, Ukraine 5%

Neighboring countries: Russia to the north and west, China to the east, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to SOUTH

Main mountain: Gora Belukha 4506 m.
Main rivers: Irtys 4248 Km (total, including Chinese and Russian sections), Syrdarja 2671 Km (total, including sections Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz), Ural 2428 Km (total, including the Russian section), Ishim 2100 Km (total, including stroke Russian), Emba 618 Km.
Main lakes: Caspian Sea 371,000 km ² (including parts Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkmen and Iranian), Lake Aral 41,000 km ² (including Uzbek part), Lake Balhas 18,200 Km ², Lake Zajsan 5000 Km ², Alakol 2650 km ²

Main islands: --

Climate: Continental

Language: Kazakh (official), Russian, German, Uighur, Ukrainian
Religion: Muslim 47%, Orthodox, Lutherans and others 53%
Currency: Kazakhstan Tenge

Kazak Cooking Recipes


Fly to Alma-Ata
from  Bologna, Milano, Roma, Venezia
starting from  840 €