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Ayuttaya Thailand

Ayuttaya is the ancient capital of Siam and is located about 80 km. north of Bangkok.

Krabi is from over a thousand km. and it is a journey for all intents and purposes the visit

The city was destroyed in 1767 during the brief invasion of the Burmese armies and the ruins of temples, monuments and the palace are majestic and beautiful, capable of giving rise to the full the charm of the famous ancient Siam.
At Krabi Airport,

leaving for Ayuttaya
and Burma

The history of Thailand has been busy since the first traces of the flourishing civilizations of the Bronze Age village of prehistoric Ban Chiang, found in the north east of the country.
Through the fertile river valleys of the Mekong, the monks, and the Khmers.

Thais from China gradually populated the land now known as Thailand.

During the eleventh century, the Khmer were the dominant force.

Their power lasted until the twelfth century when the Thai established the villages of Phayao, Lanna and Sukhothai.

Just that civilization was consolidated, the two heads of warriors rebelled to Thai
and founded the first independent Thai state near Sukhothai which literally means "The dawn of happiness".
From Sukhothai began expanding along the basin of the river Chao Phraya and Theravada Buddhism became the most widespread Thai religion.

Sukhothai then underwent a period of decline and was conquered by the young and dynamic kingdom of Ayutthaya.

The dynasty of Ayutthaya reigned unchallenged in the center of Thailand and became the most powerful countries of the south-east for 34 kingdoms until 1767 when he was defeated since the Burmese army.

But it was an invasion soon, within a few months that King Taksin managed to reject the Burmese invasion.

King Taksin and then built another capital to Thon Buri and thus gave life to the Rattanakosin period, which still reigns.

King Rama I in 1782, the first king of the present Chakri dynasty, founded his new capital on the banks of the river to a village called Bangkok (Village of wild plums).
Over the next two centuries, the Chakri monarchs King Mongkut (Rama IV) who reigned from 1851 to 1868, and his son, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) who reigned from
1868 to 1910, have preserved the colonization and modernized the country and are still revered today for this.
Since 1932, Thailand became a constitutional monarchy.
The current King,
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the monarch who reigned longer in the oldest and most loved by his subjects.
He has tirelessly devoted his life to improving the
quality of life of his subjects in Thailand.

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