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We arrived in Karachi in 1985 and we stay there very a little, just the time to have a bad impression, perhaps one of the most ugly place that we visited.

Islam was looming everywhere and it was impossible not to warn, is breathed into the fetid and dusty.

The city was dirty and full of debris and waste everywhere and Pakistani people screaming and gesticulating  and splitting continuously. They seemed dirty as we never seen before.

Very quickly fled from Karachi, and there never returned.

Only the area around the international airport seemed clean and cared for, but while entering the colorful local bus, Karachi immediately showed all his stench.

The markets, like the rest, they were huge landfill of waste.

We visited the nearby "beach", convinced that they find who knows what, but in addition to the general squalor there was a completely horrible rusted ship aground a few hundred meters from shore.

Quickly returned to the airport and left Karachi in a moment.

Repubblic Islamic of Pakistan
Islami Yamhuriya-e-Pakistan


Area: 796,096 km
Population: 152,980,000 (estimated January 2005)
Density: 192 ab / Km

Form of government: Federal Republic
Capital: Islamabad (400,000 inh.)
Other cities: Karachi 9,730,000 inhabitants., Lahore 5,010,000 inhabitants., Faisalabad 1,845,000 inhabitants., Rawalpindi 820,000 inhabitants., Hyderabad 800000 ab., Multan 700,000 inhabitants., Peshawar 600,000 inhabitants., Gujranwala 600,000 inhabitants.
Ethnic groups: Punjabi 58%, Sindi 13%, Urdu 8% 7% Pathan, Baluchi 3%
Neighboring countries: Iran to the west, Afghanistan and China to North, India to SOUTHEAST

Monti main K2 8611 m Nanga Parbat 8125 m, 8068 m Gasherbrum I, Broad Peak 8047 m
Major rivers: Indus 2200 Km (Pakistani tract, total 3180 Km), Sutlej 1450 Km (total, including Indian and Chinese traits), Chenab 1200 Km (total, including part of India)
Main lakes: Tarbela Reservoir 250 Km
Main islands: --
Climate: arid - Continental

Language: Urdu, English (official), Sindi, Panjabi, Pashto
Religion: Sunni Muslim 85%, Shiite Muslim 10%
Currency: Pakistani Rupee

Pakistan Recipes