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INDIA - Bombay

Back to Italy from Thailand and Andrew soprassalto awoke to the noise of landing on the track anything but soft.
It was night in Bombay.

Bombay on 1996

Among the remains of victims of terrorist attacks, in a former colonial city was devastated, prey to endemic heaps of debris, waste mountains and streams of sewage.

The airport immediately showed in good and evil all the characteristics of the country in which we had just arrived.
Confusion and dirt and indolent indolent and that customs officials on benches and enormous satisfied opened endless rows of luggage, inspecting them with the lives of travelers from around the world, there finally came and delicious with complicated form as unnecessary red tape on which the record with no qualms.

We go out to the airpot around 3 am. The warm and humid air brought us intense and smells new and the front of the airport was semi.
Emerge out of nowhere a strange person who offered us a taxi. There was another and there was so much a choice and then let us accompany careless in a dark and hidden corners of the square where we expected an old Fiat 1100 with driver.
After a few meters he stopped at a dealer and asked us for an advance of the race agreed to pay for gasoline.
Him a note from Rupee 1000 and just changed them shortly after we returned the remainder of a 100 banknote. A nothing won our efforts and protests, they had prepared a note 100 and claimed to have received.
Around us, and dim lamps in the middle of a hot and humid night in India, a Bombay anything but calming was showing.
At some point notammo clearly the gesture of the crew that we had at that aggangiato cutting off the contact by turning the key in the center of the dashboard, and immediately warning that the car had problems and that we would have continued with another car ... ready to expect just where we were stopping a running engine.
Capimmo immediately the gravity of the situation and that the two pards were determined to get us something more than the rest of the note Misrepresentation by 1000.
Andrea responded promptly with the decision.
Immediately fell out of screaming, literally ripped from the hand luggage of the two and threw them in the middle of the road semi, at the edge of which a little reassuring teeming multitude of people in an endless string of ramshackle huts and camps supported on wide sidewalks in style Colonial.

It was just a moment.
Andrea yelled pull the two individuals and bags and now I was preparing for the worst when suddenly out of nowhere came a rickety car from which police took two senior agents with mustache curled upwards and turban with long batons and immediately began to attack with violence the three individuals, Sibilano their threats and warnings.
While one of the agents arranged to load the handful of carefully lestofanti self handcuffed and visibly dented, the other stopped a taxi and explained true to a mild and friendly taxi driver the situation, who immediately offered to take us to the hotel.
It was 1994 and the following days, with that mild to hire taxi driver immediately, have also seen wonderful sights such as the Gopuram.

A few days before the public of Bombay had been shaken by violent demonstrations by the explosion of some bombs that have caused numerous victims, and the colonial walls adjacent the wide sidewalks was still possible to see clear and disturbing splash of blood that we would then have better viewing during the next week.

Welcome to Bombay.

In the following days did not happen anything special avemmo and the opportunity to visit the city, its markets, the old and unusual shops in the center where it was possible to find old and rare antiques colonial English with expressions of the best Indian art, walking between a multi-that indescribable review the teeming streets full of debris, waste of every kind and open-air sewers, and among them advancing nearly sliding into narrow and twisted paths, taking poor rags and things between cows and various animals and dragging bundles and carts satisfied.


Galle' glass vases and silverware Tiffany '800, and antique ivory inlaid sitar.
And on the sidewalks unclean and ragged rents tents, children, women and old among the hungry and suffering lepers told them resigned despair.

Mumbai is located on the center-west of India, facing the Arabian Sea. The city has grown to 160 years in an independent manner from its hinterland and still belongs to a different world was the vast majority of Maharashtra hinduista including 550 km. of coastline, some of the Western Ghat and part of the plateau of Deccan.
The Western Ghati (mountains whose name means steps) rise to the north of Mumbai and run parallel to the coast, with an average altitude of 935 m, and these mountains are cloaked in tropical forests and temperate evergreen and mixed forests with deciduous plants. Home to a wealth of flora and fauna, which includes 28% of flowering plants in India.  Mumbai is an island connected to the mainland by several bridges.

The area's main town is concentrated into the southern, with the claw-shaped, on this peninsula to the south of the village, which is called Colaba, gravita most tourists, because the district offers a good assortment hotels and restaurants, and two of the most important landmarks of the city, the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel. Immediately north of Colaba is the Fort district, the strong English that once stood there. Further west is Marine Drive, which winds around the Back Bay and connects the skyscrapers of the modern business center of the beach of Chowpatty. To the north are the suburbs of Greater Mumbai, where are located the two airports, Sahar International and Santa Cruz (the latter used as internal flights).

There is also a beach in Bombay and sometimes (but curiously not always) the people are pouring into the picturesque and completely insane, rigorously dressed.

Leaving the city every thing becomes more livable, even enjoyable.
The charm of palpable surface and allows children to smile while nell'incontrastata poverty endemic.
And Mumbai is also the panic of the kitsch of Bollywood cinema, cricket on the Maidan (the grassy areas) during the weekend, the bhelpuri to Chowpatty beach and red buses with two floors. But it is also marked by the infamous cages of the red light district, the largest slum of Asia, the polices and the powerful lords of the Mafia. The clash between the aspects that are competing for the soul of Mumbai is taking place against the backdrop of an urban landscape of Victorian taste, much like a prosperous industrial city of the English nineteenth century to what you would expect to find on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai is the industrial center of each kind of production, from textiles to petrochemicals, and has control of half of the foreign trade of India.
But, despite its aspirations to become a second Singapore, the city attracts irresistibly the rural poor and the new waves of immigration continue to transform the face, keeping it in the balance between the deep links with its hinterland and the international global market.

Mumbai (मुंबई hindi/marathi:) is a city in India and is the state capital of Maharashtra.

He was known as Bombay, a name still used in the West.
Mumbai is located on Salsette to western.
And 'the largest harbor in the country between those bordering the Western Indian Ocean, with its large natural port.
It is the sixth city in the world, with its 13.7 million inhabitants, without counting the metropolitan area and the satellite cities, which represent about 21 million people.

Mumbai is the economic capital of India and hosts some of the most important financial institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Indian National Stock Exchange and a number of large local companies. The film industry and television in Hindi language, popularly known as Bollywood, has here its production and distribution center.

Because of the economic opportunities it offers, Mumbai has attracted migrants and draws the entire South Asia - by creating a strong contrast of cultures, peoples and customs in a remarkable extended, so that Mumbai is one of the few cities to have a national park The Borivali National Park, in its city limits.

The name Mumbai is derived from Mumba, the name of the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi, and aai, which means mother in marathi. In the sixteenth century the Portuguese called it Bom Bahia area, then Bomaím in corrupt or Bombaìm and anglicizzato arrival in Bombay of the British. The name of the city was officially changed in Mumbai but the change has not yet been well absorbed, either in the West, where the old survives word, nor by the local population, who still calls Bombay city.

Repubblic of India
Bharat Juktarashtra

Area: 3,166,414 km ² (3,287,263 km ² in the territories occupied by China and Pakistan)
Population: 1,028,610,000
Density: 324 ab / Km ²

Form of government: Federal Republic
Capital: New Delhi (9920000 inh., 13,790,000 aggl. Urbano)
Other cities:
Mumbai (Bombay) 12,915,000 ab. (17,370,000 aggl. Urbano)
Kolkata (Calcutta) 5,580,000 inhabitants. (14,215,000 aggl. Urbano)
Bangalore 4890000 ab. (6,685,000 aggl. Urbano)
Chennai (Madras) 4,915,000 inhabitants. (7,425,000 aggl. Urbano)
Ahmadabad 4515000 ab. (5,520,000 aggl. Urbano)
Hyderabad 3950000 ab. (5,935,000 aggl. Urbano)
Pune 2940000 ab. (4,755,000 aggl. Urbano)
Kanpur 2,930,000 inhabitants. (3,590,000 aggl. Urbano)
Surat 2835000 ab. (3,210,000 aggl. Urbano)
Jaipur 2325000 ab.,
Lucknow 2265000 ab.,
Nagpur 2125000 ab.,
Patna 1,705,000 inhabitants.,
Indore 1640000 ab.,
Vadodara 1,490,000 inhabitants.,
Bhopal 1,455,000 inhabitants.,
Coimbatore 1445000 ab.,
Ludhiana 1,395,000 inhabitants.,
Kochi 1355000 ab.,
Visakhapatnam 1,330,000 inhabitants.,
Agra 1320000 ab.,
1210000 Varanasi ab.
Ethnic groups: Indoari 72%, Melanidi 25%, Mongolidi 3%
Neighboring countries: Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan in the North, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Bangladesh in the EST

Monti main Kanchenjunga 8598 m
Major rivers: Brahmaputra 2900 Km (total, including Chinese and stretches bangalese), Ganges 2125 Km (Indian tract, total 2510 Km), Godavari 1465 Km, 1400 Km Yamuna, Krishna 1400 Km, 1310 Km Narmada
Main lakes: Hirakud 1100 Km ²
Main islands: Andaman Islands 6408 km ² (Middle Andaman 1536 km ²), Nicobar Islands, 1841 km ² (Great Nicobar 1045 km ²), Laccadive 32 Km ²
Climate: Tropical - temperate
Resort: Hotel Allestimenti Computer Cooked Last minute Mamilu
Language: Hindi (national language), Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu (all official), English
Religion: Hindu 82%, Muslim 12%, Christian 2.5%, Sikh 2%
Currency: Indian Rupee 100

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