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The Republic of Singapore (Chinese 新加坡共和国 simplified in Malay Republik Singapura; சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு in Tamil) is an island city-state in South-East Asia, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and north of the Indonesian island of Riau.

Grand Prix F1

The Singapore Grand Prix is a Formula 1 race held in Singapore on the Singapore Street Circuit in 2008.
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is a hyper-modern city state and is considered by travelers to the paradise for shopping.
It is in fact considered very easy to find the most innovative, especially in electronic and usually affordable prices.
Not always, however, this is true and what is most striking is its peculiar anomaly.
It seems right now incredibly clean, tidy and well organized, everything is in place and operating effectively.
Maybe too much.
After a few days there is a lack of a specific personality and everything seems artificial, plastic, such as the islands of Sentosa fake put there to bathers.
In the end we are reminded that it is a city of international carriers, no real art, or crafts, or night life. Only efficiency and order and punctuality.

Driving a car dirty $ 30 fine.
For a small theft 23 lashes.
The cars are clean and none bag snatch.




 The artificial islands of Sentosa, pretty but plastic made.



The modern airport of Singapore.
The effects of migraine by flight.
The market in Chinatown.

Here too incredibly order and cleanliness. 

Then from Singapore we depart in a hurry, that in addition to order and cleaning there is not so much to see.

Good city to carry on business and shipments only.


The old quarters of the center have been restored and enhanced in a bizarre and colorful leaves that leave us somewhat perplexed.
The cultural and artistic Explanade, futuristic and ascetic and with very little activity in the billboard.
The door of the Fort Canning  on the main Hill of the City.
The variegated colors of the Chinese market, the main Ethnicity of 4 present in Singapore:
Besides the Chinese are Indian, English and Malay.
Markets clean and well arranged before the skyscrapers of the center.
Hanging gardens all'Explanade
Underwater, a walk to the depths.
The hologram effect representations of the giant shark underwater.
The temperature of the air conditioning is almost everywhere in Singapore less than 16-17

Monstrous cold everywhere!

Siloso, an artificial beach in all directions of Sentosa
The towers of the center in Singapore
Repubblic of Singapore
Republik Singapura

Surface: 648 Km
Population: 4,300,000 (estimates 2001)
Density 6636 inh / km

Form of government: Presidential Republic
Capital: Singapore (3,325,000 inh.)
Other cities: --
Ethnic groups: Chinese 77% Malay and 15% Indonesian, Pakistani and Indians 7%, Europeans 1%
Neighboring countries: Malaysia NORTH

Monti main Bukit Timah 177 m
Main rivers: Selet 15 Km
Main lakes: --
Main islands: Singapore 573 km
Climate: Tropical

Language: Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English (all official)
Religion: Buddhist 29%, Christian 19%, Muslim 16%, Taoist 13%
Currency: Singapore Dollar


Flight a / r for Singapore
From Bologna, Milan, Rome, Venice
Price from 599