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The pictures' album of Mamilu


Bali is magic and we returned several times in this bewitched volcanoes, dances, spirit and art.

The dances mostly surround you at the pace of their ancient instruments and the pathos is provided by unique and unforgettable.

Artistically created many temples and offer well-preserved the image of animist religion of these people and together with many handicraft products make the island unique.

The Tana Lot Temple

Tana Lot seems like a cartoon, a fairy-tale scenery from Disneyland but it is natural for the most part, beyond the steps and the temple built on top of everything else of the island was created by nature.
In Kuta, you can go shopping in the famous and original shop offering the best of fashion from around the world.
Tourists from around the world and mostly from visiting these shops.
Wherever small markets that offer local crafts.  
Small and typical restaurants where you can enjoy the special and unique cuisine of Bali.
The Barong - Rangdą

Epic and legendary dance of the struggle between good and evil that goes back several centuries ago.

The mask of Rangdą representative of evil.

The mask of Barong represents the good.
It is nice to buy small items of local country and visited with those decorating the Frittomisto Restaurant.
In Bali there particular zoo where you can direct contact with animals. 
Pheasants and other animals in tropical tranquility.
A tropical stilts like european storks.
The post office in Bali, which for a modest sum you can ship in the world purchases, such as magnificent and old diver helmet from diving suits, which are shown in the restaurant itself Frittomisto of Ao Nang  
The Le Gong dancers.

Balinese dance is edited and developed for centuries and the visitor will be enchanted literally.


The dancers use with great skill throughout the body to convey the pathos of that mythic recount and extreme mobility of the eyes and their gazes visitors can receive intense emotions.
The Balinese tropical jungle is especially sweet and pleasant and reminiscent of the environmental reconstructions of scenes at Disneyland style.

Barong & Rangda
Gamelan Burat Wangi 

Legong Taksu; Gamelan Burat Wangi

Legong Balinese Dancers Ubud Bali

Topeng Keras


We were several times on the Indonesian island where occurred the terrible massacre of October 12, in the Kuta nightclub.

Like everyone, we knew it is a prime tourist destination, but we would not have thought that fascinates us so much. since the early days we were literally bewitched by the magic of her dances, the mysterious eyes of the dancers and their archaic and exotic movements.

Bali owes its fame mainly to art, so there developed in all respects, including that of religion, being a Hindu world in a nation like Indonesia, which is a very large majority of Muslim religion.
And 'even Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world.

The Hindu Bali for centuries has kept this unique religious, cultural and artistic. Evocative monuments and often carved in stone, lying on the slopes of volcanoes fascinate and immediately receive the visitor.
Bali is an island of modest size of 5561 square kilometers, an area that is equal to about two thirds of Corsica.

The volcanic island is like most of Indonesia and is crossed from west to east by a chain of mountains that culminate in Gunung Agung (volcano Gunung =) well 3165 meters high, almost like our Etna.
The island is located just east of the large island of Java which is by far the most populous of Indonesia, where he established the capital Jakarta. A narrow channel separates it from Java, while to the east arm of the sea a much wider, from 30 to 60 km, connecting to Lombok, the sister island somewhat 'smaller (4962 sq. km).

Bali is an island thanks to the very fertile volcanic soil. The capital, located in the north, is called Singaradja, while the tourist area, located near the main is located in the south, to Sanur, south of Denpasar. There many very elegant hotel, surrounded by very well-kept parks, and practically on the shores of the Indian Ocean, welcome tourists, both Australian and European Americans. The famous beach of Kuta, very fine sand, it is every evening at half past five, the destination of many tourists who enjoy the spectacle of the sun dips into the sea in a golden sunset so fast as (we are near the ' equator). Each day of the year, at 18 is already dark night. If you want to turn the island, in a spirit of adventure, on a rented jeep for a few euros, you must get up early and leave at 7.

Going back to talking about volcanoes, some forty years ago, March 20, 1963, the Gunung Agung came at the height of an eruption which began a month earlier. Lapilli, ash rain, tremendous flows of magma and strong earth tremors bend that part of the island (the central east), causing the deaths of several thousand people, and causing incalculable damage to many crops that filled the region.

To the north east dell'Agung rises a huge crater of a volcano off now, filled by water of a lake, the Batur. On the banks of the lake country of Trunian has a haunting cemetery where, unlike the custom spread to the rest of the island, the bodies of the dead are left outside, prey birds of prey.

Across the island, however, the funeral ceremonies are held by the public cremation of the body of the dead, in special coffins of logs extracted, placed in the top on special scaffolding. Sometimes these coffins in the shape of a bull.

We have seen in 1993 to one of these very evocative and touching ceremonies. Women in their bright clothes, we have both a po 'deviates from the monument of wood on which the corpse is placed. The men are in another group apart, but closer to the coffin. The pedanda, namely the Hindu priest, dressed in white and with the head in turban, began the ceremony, praying and Asperge the body with essences and perfumes. Singing of nenie, slow and melancholic, is then set on fire to the pyre, and everything starts to burn. The ceremony ends with the collection of ashes and their transport to a nearby river, where they are dispersed in the current.

In other rivers, in addition to any village, washing place, in areas where the water is pretty low. In the current, clean and fresh, wash behind the men, women and above.

Temples with stones covered with moss, stairways that are lost in the forest, every square meter covered with green, especially palms. The climate is hot, but bearable and ventilated.

Along the many hills, man has dug over the centuries, the terraces on which he proceeds with the appropriate banks of small ponds which, in thousands, slope, and from these slopes are the crops of rice. The light of heaven is reflected in these artificial ponds, giving the viewer a unique ecstasy green, light, symmetry: dell'infaticabile as human ingenuity.

That's why the island of Bali attracts. E 'a treasure of an ancient civilization, a religion which endures in the midst of the rest of the world Islamic nation of Indonesia, and demonstrates his uniqueness every day, proud of its ancient rituals and imaginative, its fascinating dances, with very beautiful girls , fine and elegant, bandaged in costumes of great value.

All this in a scenario of temples, of monsters in stone, large portals lack the upper part of terracing bright, multicolored costumes and processions, where the women wear on their heads hovering above special donuts cloth, baskets full of fruit.

This is Bali, the island of the gods, struck at the heart of the massacre of Kuta on 12 October 2002.


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