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Nepal Fantastic and magical

We had the opportunity to visit in 2002.
Katmandu is one of the valleys of Himalayas and the aircraft for landing, having flown to the nearby mountains, was forced to make a maneuver downhill spiral.

Nepalese art and culture

Art and culture in general are strongly influenced by neighboring India and Nepal but also shows all its features, special and very etnic.

The story of his ill-fated monarchy reminds one of some our tales, even if the current reality is torn apart by some conflicts far from resolved.
The peculiar architecture and art of Nepal are generally charged charm of Eastern Europe and send visitors the flavor of ancient cultures and archaic.
The old buildings and houses were apparently made in miniature showing windows, doors and railings of reduced dimensions.
Ancient and noble palaces majestic apparently are reduced with the proximity to the human dimension, even if this takes nothing away from the high artistic level of the whole.
Charming and picturesque streets of the center, overflowing of Nepalese culture.
The Hindu religion and its temples accompany the visitor in a charming and discreet.
The monumental Hindu temples are found in many areas of the city.
Nepalese architecture while showing the influence of India expresses its own well-defined and very impressive.
The main buildings and the ancient residences of the King of Nepal to preserve and show visitors around the particular charm of Nepalese culture.
Ancient sculptures of great artistic and mythological figures reproducing the Hindu religion are everywhere in the city center.
The ancient Hindu temples monumentali are present in many areas of the city, in which case we can see the Temple of the Cobra.
Kathmandu is surrounded by the Himalayas peaks and you can see to the horizon the peaks of Everest and K2.
It is very easy to get assistance for excursions to various levels of difficulty with the help of local Burka, even for beginners.
Kingdom of Nepal
Nep-al Adhir-ajya

Area: 147,220 km
Population: 25,284,000 (estimated 2001)
Density: 172 ab / Km

Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Kathmandu (535,000 inh.)
Other cities: Lalitpur 190,000 inhabitants., Biratnagar 132000 ab., Bhadgaon 100,000.
Ethnic groups: Indians Indonepalesi and 73%, Anticonepalesi 26%, Tibetani 1%
Neighboring countries: China to North, India to South and West

Main mountains: Everest 8850 m, 8598 m Kanchenjunga, Lhotse 8516 m, 8463 m Makalu, Cho Oyu 8201 m, 8172 m Dhaulagiri, Manaslu 8156 m, 8091 m Annapurna
Main rivers: 350 km Kosi (Nepal tract, total 720 Km)
Main lakes: Phew, Rara
Main islands: --
Climate: Himalayan - temperate

Language: Nepali (official), English
Religion: 90% Hindu, Buddhist 7%, Muslim 3%
Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Did you know?
It 'the only country in the world that has a national flag that is not shaped square (or rectangle or square). It has an original form: a trapeze rectangle is surmounted by a right triangle. (V.L.C.)

Fly to Katmandu
From Bologna, Milan, Rome, Venice
Starting from 549
Bodhnath,  Stupa Bodhnath, Stupa Patan, Temple of Taleju Kathmandu, Temple of Maju Deval