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Out of Asia

The pictures' album of Mamilu

From Bologna to Tamanrasset

The ship had rolled a lot, and I and Graziano, my companion in adventure, landing on the port of Tunis checking that our beautiful greenish color did not increase.
With a lot of diplomacy were able to exit the customs among the top 18 and we were already outside Tunis.
The setting sun tinged with red mountains that parade fast to the east, and tasting new smells happy that the wind, far from being cold in January, we led.

Finally back in Africa!

We had absolutely reach the border after Nefta before midnight in order to stay clear and already in Algeria to El Ued, departure of the first special edition of PARIS-DAKAR!
The Algerian customs official, without notice absolutely shocked our faces, (the temperature had dropped significantly, and the color green, I remember dell'Habib, had now degenerated into a clear blue spots) stamp passports at 23.40.
We had done 580 km of Tunisia in less than 6 hours, and at night. And not all things had gone wrong, we were already in Algeria, and two steps from our heroes.
Mounted tendon, sleep was not a big problem.
Arriving at El Ued the scene was apocalyptic. In the middle of the desert, in an impressive sea of dunes, hundreds of cars and trucks by warm colors, teeming in every direction, testing engines and tires before you leave. Turning our eyes, all around, even on the highest dune and farther yet you could see every type of vehicle, and advertising.

The largest multinational tobacco, liquor and Hi-Fi were there, colorful, to display the se ', in the middle of the desert.
And then the cameras and the press, and helicopters.
And the curious, and us. Within two hours all this is gone, is left alone in the desert.

The bike had lots soon, and we could see only the departure of the car, five at a time, online. Black Bugge Auriol splash of sand in the street like a rocket, leaving almost the pile of Vatanen Peugeot.

At the first curve after a straightaway now devastated a couple of km. , he get a hundred meters ahead. We never imagined that it would not have even reached the end of that stage, which was immediately clear, was tremendous; in the desert, in front of 300 km. dunes of fine sand. 

Sabine was to reduce his knights.

It was the same sand, the dunes themselves that two months before I was trapped, like other 60 competitors, with the bike until planted tank in the second stage of the cursed Djerba 500th Almost parallel to this, only about fifty km. further east. In the evening we arrived at the bivouac in 14th The organizers and the army found in the following days more than 20 competitors still live scattered, but for the last three there was nothing left to do. It was the last rally organized without the "balises" mandatory.
After Assi-Messaoud and Bordj Omar Driss, the caravan of our heroes would have stopped and pointed to Tamanrasset. And there, beneath the black mountains dell'Assekrem we decided to meet our pets, or at least the survivors of the savage stage, the riders that we missed the departure.
Who could see a Michelin map 953, will have noticed that the road that leads to Ouargla El Golea, makes almost a right angle to the west to reach Gardaia, before falling back towards the south. But traced a trail that connects directly with Ouargla El Golea, however with "tracks interdit". We do not have any desire to do even dell'asfalto decided to try it, but after an hour of attempts looking good in all directions, none of that track record. At this point was not to go back and find and follow the asphalt.
But no.
Now, in your opinion, what is rationality?
And the spirit of adventure?
And how can one be influenced the other?
And how many other conflicts can erupt in the mind of a seemingly healthy individual faced with a situation like this?

At last; in front of us the high desert ended, and until the horizon was a succession of gullies and crevices very steep, at the limit of viability, we stopped the bikes, made the cap pointing the horizon with the compass, and we put decided in the hot broth of red sand and stones, leading up trialisti with two backpacks and shoulder in front, about 400 km., El Golea!

The rocky gullies ended almost immediately, to give way to endless chains of dunes soft, and with our backpacks and everything else was unwise to cross, it was necessary duplicating around the cap each time.
Graziano Lenzi with his TT was an able and experienced riders, but it was the first time "trying" to Africa and with him, compass, not even talk about it. Guided very carefully throughout the day without seeing any sign of life in a lunar landscape and the evening to be convinced to less than one hour dall'oasi continued, using the first big star visible as a point of reference, and duplicating the cap every half hour.
When it became completely dark for a long, sometimes almost by chance, I found to be alone.
Graziano was no longer there.
And with that traces the dark, not even thinking about it.
How long had you stopped? 10 minutes? 20 km. and in what direction? and if he could leave, in which direction he would go, without compass, without any reference point?
The situation appeared to me in a moment in all its drama.
Reached the highest dune, I started to turn the beacon of my Honda R in all directions in hope of being seen, and felt the anguish that I was taking.
And suddenly wonder why I had done, because I had continued for the asphalt, so I went to put in that mess.
After quarter of an hour that lasted at least 6 months, the horizon, the distant lighthouse of the Yamaha appeared and then disappeared dim, arrancar of the dunes and in the dark in a different direction.
Montano suffered tendon, deciding to continue the next day.
The unit of TT and had major problems with this issue, among others, (if we were not able to repair it was better to leave the desert and go into two of my motorcycle, trailer or groped? And in both cases, the My 600R has resisted the effort?) ... in a ghostly silence and screaming to 5 degrees below zero tried, this time less likely to fall asleep.
What leads a person apparently healthy without any major problems in life with a family situation calm enough, to hunt in a similar situation?
dannatissimo the spirit of adventure?
The imagination and thought driving fast.
The great navigators, Columbus, over the water and food, in the middle of the ocean, it could not go back now, what proof? (We had not enough fuel to return to the starting point).
But he in the end it was to look for the Indies, commanded by the King of Spain ... ..
And Armstrong and Oldring, the first astronauts landed on the moon, when they were there, lying inside the lunar module that "would" have parts from the moon (but had not ever done before, was the first time, experience, and minimum inconvenience, the smallest miscalculation could compromise all) to join the orbiting shuttle to colins (aggangiarsi and find it) and then allocate to the Earth, which then landed in an acceptable way ... but they, what they tried? what can be more complex than a space shuttle the power of a TT?
And the anxiety may be directly proportional to the technological complexity and the distance?
Yes, indeed there was not easy to sleep and say the truth, even find some answers.
The spreading morning, we see that the power of motion of Graziano went haywire when warm, thus taking a step of 40-50 km. interspersed forced to stop during which we will replace the electrical connection with another unit in stock, she also proved to be deficient, attached with tape to the American tank.
We reached the road, coveted miracle, which was now evening, and with gasoline now over, and when they say the fate, the distributor, just done full, has broken the pedal is put into motion my 600 R.
Only those who have one can see how the sand without putting into motion, it is absolutely impossible to turn it on. But we arrived just all'asfalto and playing skillfully alzavalvola of ignition was possible to push.
The appointment with the black tops dell'Assekrem and the Dakar had now vanished and reflections between incredible that they would heavily, and perhaps positively influenced our future adventures, we returned to Tunisia, also in small steps, but this time by asphalt.