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Out of Asia

The pictures' album of Mamilu

The Album of the Asian Pictures of Mamilu

I live in Thailand for about 10 years, often with my family that does not fail to come to visit us and stay with us in Krabi.

In these pages I would describe groped my Asia.

Give and share my impressions, pictures and colors, tastes and smells of the East

In Krabi we arrived the first time in 1985.
Viet Nam was that we wanted to see, this mythical country of Apocalypse Now that ten years after the end of the war against the U.S. giant finally reopened the borders.

And so it was that we discovered the sweetness of the Thai people and the magic of their land

On that first trip through Thailand from Chiang Mai to Phuket, via Bangkok, and Pattaya, Surat Thani, Ko Samui and finally Pang Nga and Krabi.

The beautiful and legendary charm of the Far East enveloped us since the early days and to return to Italy ended with the radically changing our lives.

Chiang Mai fascinated us for its Night Bazaar, a huge maze and antique wood consumed by time on three levels where it was possible to visit a variety of colorful and exotic stands and admire the thousands of fine handicrafts from that corner of South-East Asia.


In the maze of staircases and ancient corridors was easier to find tiny restaurants that cook outdoors, and where he can enjoy the fragrance of the Siam of the past.

A river on the sea in the Krabi area Andaman islands
Tropical Jungle in Krabi, trekking excursion from Resort
Bangkok struck us the majesty of Chao Praia and smells of ancient markets in the area of the Temples.

The floating market is picturesque and pleasant, but is now just a show for tourists.

Bangkok is not certainly a great place to visit and from there you need to escape quickly.


Ayuttaya, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam, about 80 km north of Bangkok, still maintains the charm of Thai and it is nice to visit the ruins of the temples and the royal palace.

Thai Sea Market from Hotel in Krabi

Temple of Ayuttaya. Possible get excursion from the hotel and resort of krabi

In Pattaya there is the famous American base from which for years have taken off the air for the American daily missions bombing of Viet Nam.

At night the marines goes off of everything and bought all the different shops have learned to sell.

Now the U.S. and 'the most discreet and thousands of marines have replaced thousands of tourists, who continue undeterred in its mission to buy everything

The beach of Krabi  of the Emerald Garden Resort
Shurat Tani is already in the deep south of Thailand.
 We arrived by train and were immediately fascinated and enraptured by the beautiful tropical forest with its red earth and giant trees a thousand years old.
The atmosphere was already Sandokan style and pirates of Malaysia, in that forest still to live the tiger free!
Elephant Tropical Trekking package in the Rain Forest
Ko Samui was a wild and quiet islet with nice bungalows from straw that is reached with an hour's ferry from Surat Thani.

Few tourists and a few villages and a forest all around fabulous.

Now only a vague remember.

The beach of Pra Nang Cave - Hotel in Krabi
Pang Nga is the area of mythical stacks that continue into the sea from ones from forming clusters of beautiful islands including the famous James Bond Island, just south of the famous floating village of sea gypsies. A river in the Andaman sea - Krabi hotel area.
These islands are among the finest in the world and it is in the Krabi  and Ao Nang and that it can visit the most fascinating.

Do not miss the strip of white sand and coral in Ko Tab and then the incredible Ko Poda, Ko Hong and Paradise Island.

In fact we were bewitched by the islands and the fragrant tropical jungle and so that was one time we decided to change our lives.

Ko Poda from the Krabi hotels excursion
One of the Ao Nang - Krabi Beaches and the hotels Resorts
Our first trip in Thailand ended  in Phuket.

While in Phuket in 1985 was a very different from today, it was already possible to see signs of a savage urbanization as both chaotic and confusing, the island was already paying a high price to tourism which has finally shaken the original appearance.

In Krabi Mamilu was a Dmoz Editor for Thailand and China.